Dear SA Athletic FC families,

We are excited to announce our new soccer organization into the San Antonio community as we are joined together in this exciting journey ahead.  Our mission is to share a love for soccer by demonstrating excellence and to provide the best experience for each of our families and players. We strive to promote education, awareness to health and well-being, professional training, athletic progression and leadership growth for every child so they may maximize their greatest potential on and off the field.  With regards to club development, we have a golden opportunity in the coming season to define our brand “SA Athletic FC” within our community as we share our mission, vision and build a stronger community together.  There will be many challenges ahead, as we prepare to raise standards for all our programs and install a champion mindset across the entire organization.

I share a quote from Charles Darwin (1809), “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  In the last month, each of us took the bold step to take extreme ownership of our player pathway and to provide the healthiest and best learning environment for all our players.

A special training environment and coaching methodology is required to develop these creative, intelligent, freethinking and adaptable players and teams. Our coaches will continue to expand our style of play and teaching methods this upcoming season so you will see marked improvement in enjoyment, game understanding, soccer fitness, skill acquisition and performances immediately this Fall 2018.  Our organization is committed to developing players with good moral compass, the practice of core values, to instill good character, respect, discipline, accountability, leadership and dedication to education. The core values that we focus on practicing for all SA Athletic FC families and players include: Respect, Integrity, Leadership, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Accountability and Fellowship.  These values can be applied both on and off the field for every SA Athletic FC player and carry on with them throughout their future.

During this process of creating our new brand, defining our new values, and growing our mission within our community, our administration will be guided by the 3 H’s:

“Honesty” – Heightened self-awareness, speak the truth, take constructive feedback, and move on fast.

“Hard Work” – Essential or nothing gets done.

“Humility” – Essential to avoid complacency and arrogance.

On behalf of the SA Athletic FC administration, SA Athletic club coaches, and the SA Athletic FC partners and volunteers, we are honored to serve you and welcome this opportunity to lead our new the club to new heights and a bright future!

I’m happy to see each of you this upcoming season during our sessions and I look forward to an awesome 2018-2019 season. The golden age of San Antonio soccer is right around the corner and there are exciting times ahead!

Warm regards,

Lubo Kocic

SA Athletic FC President