Are uniforms included in the cost?

Uniforms are not included in the training fees and cost. The uniforms follow a 2-year life cycle. The new 2-year cycle begins Fall 2018. Once teams are made, commitment fee(s) paid, documents [...]

How are tryout dates selected?

Tryout dates are given and allowed by state associations. The club must abide by the approved dates in order to have tryouts.

How much are club fees for select teams for the 2018-2019 season?

The cost ranges depending upon the level of the team. Factors are dependent on the different prices of association fees, trainer fees, travel, etc. The cost may also range dependent upon the [...]

What are SA Athletic FC staff qualifications?

Our staff qualifications are listed on the “Meet our team” tab on our website. Our exceptional coaching staff has professional playing experience both internationally and domestically, they hold [...]

How many practices a week are required?

SA Athletic FC holds 2-3 training sessions per week dependent on the level of play and determined by our Director of Coaching. U11-U19 will have a minimum of 2 training sessions per week. Some [...]