Do you have a college program?

Our high school aged student athletes are given access to a full spectrum of recruiting tools. We target multiple avenues to expose our players to college programs including showcase events, [...]

Are tournament expenses included in cost?

Tournament expenses are not included in registration fees. Tournament fees/costs vary for each tournament. Teams that attend tournament and showcases are dependent upon the level of the team, [...]

Where do the teams practice?

There are currently 2 possible practice facilities: Rolling Hills Academy/Antonian Middle School and the Family Mays YMCA. You may request a practice location at any time. We may recommend the [...]

How long is the season?

The season begins on the 3rd week of August of each year. The Fall season runs until December of each year. The spring season begins in the first week of February and continues through mid May.

How long is my player committed to one team/club?

Your player is committed to a team for both the Fall and Spring seasons. A player may move amongst teams throughout the year if playing a level up (or down) and is determined as good development [...]